Download Avira Free Android Security 1.2 Full Version Free

Download Avira Free Android Security 1.2 Full Version Free

Smartphones are great companions. They put the web, media and communication capabilities of a computer right in your pocket. Like computers, they also contain some of your most sensitive data, including contacts, messages, photos and passwords. Fortunately, there’s an easy step you can take to protect your privacy in case your device or your number ever leaves your hands. That step is Avira Free Android Security, a full suite of tools to lock out unauthorized access, help you recover a lost or stolen phone and cut off unwanted calls and texts.
Already using Avira Free Android Security?
Your phone is in good hands! Log in to the Web Console at to manage your phone’s security.

Keep your phone’s contents private, and your mobile life peaceful, with our SMS and call blocker and Remote Lock feature.
Blacklist | Hang up on unwanted calls and texts.
Your device goes with you everywhere, but that doesn’t mean any telemarketer, spammer, frenemy or other persona non grata should too! Our Blacklist feature enables you to block and unblock calls and SMS from any number.

Remote Lock | Lock the phone from anywhere.
If you get separated from your phone, even if you left it at home or work, there’s no need to let a nosy person browse its contents. The Remote Lock feature locks the device from the web and can even display a custom message to the person who finds the device.

It’s a lost and lonely feeling to discover that your smartphone is missing, stolen or simply forgotten. Avira Free Android Security has what it takes to maximize the chances of being reunited with your missing device.
Remote Scream | Give yourself a holler!
Can’t find your phone? Maybe it isn’t far away or people nearby aren’t aware of the unattended phone. By logging on to the Web Console from any browser, you can trigger a loud noise from the device, even if it was in silent mode.

Location Tracking | Pinpoint a missing phone’s location.
Search for your smartphone the smart way! Avira Free Android Security can locate your device’s signal and display its location on a Google map.

Owner Notification | Be reachable when your phone is found.
Being a hero was never so convenient! The person who finds your locked phone can call and report the discovery by tapping a button on the touchscreen. All you have to do is set an alternate number in the Web Console.


Keep track of your phones’ security settings, carrier information and battery life from anywhere!
Manage up to 5 devices.
Perfect for families and power users, Avira Free Android Security accommodates up to five devices on a single account. Easily add and remove devices, or adjust preferences for individual devices, right from any web browser.

Monitor battery life and more.
The Web Console provides a handy overview of your devices. In one place, you can see remaining battery life and installed Android version as well as device specifics such as model and carrier information.

View a device’s security history.
The Web Console stores the history of all Avira Free Android Security functions performed on your device(s). Places a phone has been located, dates and times of remote screams, locks and unlocks are conveniently available online.

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Download Avira Free Android Security 1.2 Full Version Free
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