Download Folder Lock 7.2.1 with Key Full Version Free

Download Folder Lock 7.2.1 with Key Full Version Free

Folder Lock is the best and full suite utility of data security solution for Windows 8,Windows 7,Vista,Windows XP,Windows Server 2008,2003.Folder Lock is the world leader of data security forever.It is the most comprehensive and user friendly data security utility available on the internet.
The latest version of folder lock comes with 7 perfect combination of security tools which allows you to encrypt your personal data in most secure form.It also allows to take a backup copy of your data in a real-time online storage of high protection.

Folder lock comes with some additional security features including application level data security,stealth mode,auto protection ,file shredding,hack security and anti-keylogger.

  • Fastest Encryption:With folder lock,you can encrypt your private data in a faster way.The software creates portable lockers,without taking much space.The lockers are portable and resizable.
  • Secure Data Backup:Folder lock provides you a feature of optional backup and locking of your personal files and folders which you have to put in the encrypted locker.
  • Additional security:Folder Lock now provides the ultimate security in the form of application level password security,stealth mode working,file shredding beyond recovery,history cleaning,virtual keyboard to prevent keylogging.
  • Ease of use:New software’s folder lock provides high graphics user inter face.Existing folder lock users will be immediately productive:it’s the great console that they loves.New folder lock users will find it remarkably easy to configure and use.
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3.   Enjoy………..

Download Folder Lock 7.2.1 with Key Full Version Free 


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