Download Microsoft RichCopy Full Version Free

Download Microsoft RichCopy Full Version free

RichCopy is a visual file copying utility that helps you copy or move files at a much faster rate. It has existed since the days of Windows 95, but unless you’ve worked at Microsoft, you may have never heard of RichCopy before as it was an internal tool and not for public use.
The tool was first developed in 2001 by Ken Tamaru of Microsoft and has been updated regularly to keep pace with evolving needs. Trust me when I tell you,
this is the answer to all your file copying needs.
What you’ll find most striking the first time you take RichCopy out for a spin is that it’s a MULTI-THREADED copying tool. That means that rather than copying one file at a time in serial order, RichCopy can open multiple threads simultaneously, allowing many files to be copied in parallel and cutting the total time required to complete the operation several times over.
You can also pause and resume file copy operations, so if you lose network connectivity at any point, you can just pick up where you left off.

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3.   Enjoy………..

Download Microsoft RichCopy Full Version Free


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