Download Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 Full version Free 100% Working

Download Need For Speed 6 Hot Pursuit 2 Full version Free 100% Working

Hot Pursuit 2 draws primarily from the gameplay and style of Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit; its emphasis was on evading the police and over-the-top tracks featuring lengthy shortcuts.
        As with the original, the player also has the option to play as a police officer trying to arrest speeders. To do so the player rams the speeding vehicle multiple times to disable it. The player must turn on their lights and sirens while in pursuit, and they automatically turn off after arresting the suspect. Police can call for
a road block, spike strips, and request help from a helicopter to assist in chasing the target vehicle. At the end, the player is awarded for the cars busted. In the PlayStation 2 version this mode is called You’re the Cop mode while in the PC, Gamecube, and Xbox versions it’s Be the Cop mode.

System Requirements

Hardware Requirements

OS: Windows 95/98/XP or later
Processor: Pentium @ 133 MHz with Graphics Acceleration/166 MHz without
Memory: 16 MB
Hard Drive: 90 MB Free
Video Memory: SVGA, High Color
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
DirectX: 5.0
Keyboard & Mouse
CD/DVD Rom Drive
Download Instructions:

  1. Click on Download Button
  2. Wait for 5 Seconds
  3. Click on  top right side of the link Window.  

File Size= 347 MB

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