Download Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection PS3, PSP Version Free

Download Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection PS3

REVIEWNamco’s welcomed update to the fan-approved Tekken 5 brings three new playable characters, including: Lili, Dragunov and the epic return of Armor King! Presentation-wise, Dark Resurrection offers a ton of new/remixed stages, some badass new BGMs (some of the best in Tekken history), new customizations, better graphics, and more balanced gameplay! Tekken 5‘s bugs and balance issues have been taken care of, and many new combos and moves are available for every returning character.
DR was no doubt an outstanding update to Tekken), and overall feels like a much more complete game.

The already deep characters from Tekken 5 are back with new moves, of which are nothing short of teeth-cringing (as expected)… the characters of Tekken never fail to have that “oomph” when they connect their attacks. Several characters like Baek, Lei, and Jack-5 have also been given complete “animation makeovers,” featuring visibly smoother animations to some of their classic moves, yet still retaining the same frame count as the old ones. This is perhaps how these characters really should have looked in Tekken 5, but I suppose Namco just couldn’t get to it in time. Nearly all characters also have new intro animations, new taunts between rounds, and even a few new win poses.

The new stages are awesome… Namco answered my prayers for “more stages in Tekken 5,” which I thought the game could really use. All of the new backgrounds (and returning remixed ones) add a certain visual eye candy, each in their own way. Namco also did a superb job on remixing most of the background music from Tekken 5, and thankfully, all of the stages from Tekken 5 are back along with their original BGMS! Thanks Namco. They also switched up the announcer’s voice… the new announcer seems to lack motivation or something… but for some reason I think he’s more suiting for the game. 
The gameplay itself is as flashy as ever, especially while watching two skilled fighters duke it out. And by the way, I don’t mean skilled as in “using cheap tactics and strategies to win”… I mean skilled as in “making the game look pretty ANDusing useful tactics and strategies to win.” Being good at Tekken isn’t only about knowing combos and having good defensive skills. It’s also about knowing how to adapt against different players and play-styles, as the deep characters in T5DR can be used in such a wide variety of ways… there’s simply no “one way” to play each character (unlike other fighting games out there). 

With even more moves, the “mix up” game of Tekken is even more prominent in this installment. Watching a skilled player take down a reckless player who “mindlessly attacks” is a beautiful (and sometimes hilarious) sight to see. If you one of  the many who constantly get their ass kicked in Tekken, I’d recommend Tekken: Dark Resurrection for the PSP. It comes with an in game tutorial before it even lets you start fighting. Great idea Namco, let’s clean up those button mashers already! Heh.

 Flaws of Tekken 5: DR? Not many… but I will admit that the hit detection can sometimes be a bit funky and unrealistic at times. If you know the in’s and out’s of the game, you’ll know that certain mid and seemingly high attacks can actually connect with a grounded opponent, and may “pick them up” allowing for even longer combos. This “flaw of physics” rewards hardcore players with longer juggles, and perhaps would cause a newb say something to the effect of “what the hell?!” or “put me down already!”  In any case, it’s not necessarily a gameplay flaw, since all characters have these types of moves. Every character in the game can pull off incredibly long and damaging combos and can be used effectively. Overall, T5DR is one of the most balanced, responsive, rewarding, and most fun 3D fighting games I’ve ever played.

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